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?ASG? Community™ Serveur Discord : Informations, Lien et Commandes

?ASG? Community™ Serveur Discord

Informations sur le Serveur

  • Serveur : ?ASG? Community™
  • Type : Serveur Discord
  • Commande : N/A
  • Créateurs : N/A

ASG Community here! We are a progressive server with International members! We thrive to make a good environment for people to have fun, be comfortable, and gain new friends!

?????? Features: ??????

??Active and friendly members and staff!
??Many bots to entertain yourself!
??Multiple voice channel and music channel that you can chill with!
??Self-assignable roles that allows you to pick and leave anytime you want!
??Gain points by doing quests, bank transactions and gain Nitro!
??A Counselling section for you to rant, vent and pour out your feelings if need be!
??A game channel where we tell you any updates/discounts of the game that you play!
??A place for lovers of news, poetry and literature.
??A meme shrine
??Unique channel for those who wants to improve their art skills
??A selfie channel where you can post your self-portrait pictures and admiring others’!
??Weekly events like movies, games, giveaways and more!

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