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ELECTRO Bot Discord : Informations, Lien et Commandes

ELECTRO Bot Discord

Informations sur le Bot

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  • Bot : ELECTRO
  • Type :
  • Commande : e! or @ELECTRO
  • Créateurs : ADIB HOQUE
  • Tags : Moderation ,Fun ,Meme ,Customizable Behavior ,Role Management ,PUBG
A simple moderation & fun bot with so many features! Invite this bot to your server right now! You won’t be disapointed I bet!


Informations & Notes
ELECTRO is a moderation bot as well as a fun bot. ELECTRO has all the moderation commands and many fun commands. To see the list of commands scroll down or type e!help or @ELECTRO helpin a server which have ELECTRO. Join our discord server to contract the bot creator @ADIB HOQUE#6969. ELECTRO commands can be used by the prefix e! or by mentioning @ELECTRO. If you want to use commands by mentioning you must put a space after the mention or the command won’t work. ping,userinfo,serverinfo,ownerinfo,avatar,membercount,invite,upvote kick,ban,setnick,role,say,DM,english,rolecolor joke,love,slap, kiss, hug, virgin, gender, tweet, rolldice, flipcoin, howgay fortnite, hundred, party, dogdance, hype, plsboi This project is licenced under MIT. If you have any new ideas, create an issue or a pull request. Contributions to ELECTRO are always welcome, whether it be improvements to the documentation or new functionality, please feel free contract us. If you are using ELECTRO and love it, consider joining our Discord Server ??

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