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Lutu Bot Discord : Informations, Lien et Commandes

Lutu Bot Discord

Informations sur le Bot

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  • Bot : Lutu
  • Type : discord.js
  • Commande : ? (Customizable)
  • Créateurs : MrAugu# 9016, DataCell, MaC, skarff
  • Tags : Moderation ,Web Dashboard ,Utility
Moderation | Automod | Lockdown Features | 24/7 Uptime | Configurable Web Dashboard | Infraction System | Punishments System


Informations & Notes
LUTU Looking for some peace ? Can’t find trustworthy moderators ? Need round-the-clock moderation for your server ? Lutu. Introducing the new, easy to configure smart moderation bot… Lutu is a moderation bot with a wide range of commands and features that will not only let you have peace of mind, but will let your users feel safer, thanks to Lutu’s Auto-moderation features, and its proprietary Banlist. First, Auto-moderator can achieve what normal, human moderators would do. From preventing spam, to deleting inappropriate images (Not Safe For Work) content, Lutu has an increasing amount of Auto-moderator features that will not only protect your server, but minimize the time wasted on moderating, and maximizing the happy time spent on chatting with others! At the time of writing, Lutu’s available Auto-moderator options are: Anti Bad Words, Anti @Everyone, Anti Discord Invites, Anti Links, Anti Inappropriate Images, Anti Spam, Max Message Lines, Max Message Mentions. Second, thanks to its proprietary Banlist, Lutu can prevent known abusers from joining your server, or just warn you if they do. You can even scan your server for them using the « scan » command. Lastly, you can report abusive users yourself by using the « report » command. Third, Lutu can achieve the basic moderation commands like nicking, clearing messages, punishing, muting, kicking, soft banning and banning. But that’s not all what’s in there! Lutu has two unique commands specially desgined to prevent all users (exluding Moderators and Administrators) from sending messages in a specific channel (« lockit » command), or in the whole server (« lockdown » command). Last but not least, Lutu has got some cool utility commands too! You can check the weather in a region (« weather » command), check some words in the dictionary (« define » command), track an invitation link (« track » command), create a poll (« poll » command), lookup any discord user by their ID (« fetch » command), etc… Lutu is, and will always be committed to be the first bot to innovate, and to bring ease of life to its users when it comes to the hardest part of server management: moderating servers! Dashboard: Invite Lutu: Support Server:

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