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MOONCAKE Bot Discord

Informations sur le Bot

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  • Bot : MOONCAKE
  • Type : discord.js
  • Commande : ;
  • Créateurs : Robert
  • Tags : Moderation ,Fun ,Game ,Role Management ,Logging ,Utility ,Stream
Multi-purpose bot


Informations & Notes
Multi-purpose bot that excels in moderation. Logs all events and is configurable through the set menu. Use ;set to set the desired logging channel, with the same command you may enable or disable events that you wish to have logged. Also included in the help menu are some canvas commands that you can have fun with. Adding/removing roles commands, mute, kick, ban, which are all logged in the logs channel. Lockdown command that can disable access to users for a set amount of time. Don’t forget to set mod and admin roles respectively in the ;set menu to grant access to moderation commands.

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