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Music Is My Language Serveur Discord : Informations, Lien et Commandes

Music Is My Language Serveur Discord

Informations sur le Serveur

  • Serveur : Music Is My Language
  • Type : Serveur Discord
  • Commande : N/A
  • Créateurs : N/A

Are you crazy about music, Musically talented or just looking for some new friends to chill with? We would love to have you join our family.

What do we have?

? 13+ Discord Server
? Friendly and Active Music community
? Music! (Originals, Covers, Lyrics, Ideas, Recommendations)
? Ideas, critiques and advices
? XP Levelling system and Reward roles
? Music Roles
? Weekly Events!
? Good Vibes!
? Open to Partnerships
? Non-toxic Community

We are a growing community based around Music. Whether you make music or just love listening to it, come ride the musical surfboard with us and find your new home. We’re waiting for you!

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