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Railgun Bot Discord : Informations, Lien et Commandes

Railgun Bot Discord

Informations sur le Bot

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  • Bot : Railgun
  • Type : Discord.Net
  • Commande : rg
  • Créateurs : ComputerMaster1st# 6458
  • Tags : Music ,Moderation ,Customizable Behavior ,Fun ,Utility
(Auto)-Mod Tools || Customizable || HD Music || UPLOAD YOUR OWN MUSIC!


Informations & Notes
Guild/Server Administrator Assistant Railgun is a multi-purpose bot which was originally a server/guild admin assistant. Here are the main features of Railgun… Anti-Caps can be configured via Guild Configuration Commands and is part of the Auto-Mod functionality. The purpose of this is to delete messages that are abusing the use of caps. Caps is classed as shouting online and can also attract attention in a bad way. This is configurable via guild configuration. This is another Auto-Mod function which essentially removes any message which contains a URL that is listed on its blacklist. This is configurable via guild configurations. This is also referred to as Banned URL Filter. Using this, you can configure whether you’d like Railgun to mention users or not for non-essential tasks such as fun commands. This can be guild/server wide or you can prevent Railgun from only mentioning yourself. This is part of the user warnings functionality. This triggers when a user reaches a certain number of warnings. This can be considered as being a part of Auto-Mod as well. You can play music with Railgun and she also has her own repository containing already existing music from other guilds. Each guild/server has their own playlist and everyone can add to it. It has many commands and also, she has the capabilities of automatically joining a set music channel as someone else connects to it. This allows you to play music without using a single command! As a special note, Railgun as far as I know is the ONLY bot to allow users to upload songs from their own computer! These tools are banning & kicking a user from the guild/server, with or without reason. User warnings is part of many moderation tools for guild/server mods & administrators. You can issue warnings with or without a reason. Warnings can be reset for good behaviour. Roll, emotes, ping, hello, rst (randomly selected text), zap, invite & help. If you find any bugs or issues or perhaps wish to suggest something, please contact me via Railgun Development Discord or private message. Please note that I do not always respond immediately.

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