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Roleplay Realm Serveur Discord : Informations, Lien et Commandes

Roleplay Realm Serveur Discord

Informations sur le Serveur

  • Serveur : Roleplay Realm
  • Type : Serveur Discord
  • Commande : N/A
  • Créateurs : N/A

? SERVER GOAL: To incorporate a bunch of realms into one hub for roleplaying. As well as forge a community that is flexible enough to cover all aspects of roleplaying types!

? CURRENT FOCUS: Our current focus is to get an active community going for this server and setting up our first realms for the community.

? THE IMPACT: We hope that this server will help enable you to forge your own realm and/or find a home in our server for role-players.

? THE HUB: We offer potential partnerships and/or people to host their own realms in our server. From Sci-Fi to High Fantasy to Steam-Punk, and many more open!

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