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Informations sur le Bot

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  • Bot : Sejong
  • Type : discord.js
  • Commande : ~
  • Créateurs : Marvin# 1997
  • Tags : Utility ,Fun ,Social
A Korean language bot supporting vocabulary look-ups, example sentences and neural machine translation between a handful of languages.


Informations & Notes
Sejong-bot is a Korean language bot targeted towards Korean learners and enthusiats. It supports features such as word definitions in Korean and English, example sentences and neural machine translation. Users can also bookmark past searches to their DM’s. This command performs a dictionary search for a given parameter presents the results to the user in a precise manner. Results include the word-type, as well as the meanings of the word both in English and in Korean. Users can use reactions to switch the language of the meanings or bookmark the result. Returns a list of Korean example sentences including a word given. Users can bookmark the result. Uses Papago’s Neural Machine Translation to translate a given text between two given languages. Translates from Korean to English by default but users can specify source and target language using « sourcelang-code »> »targetlang-code ». Available languages can be seen using ~help papago

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