What does deleting your discord account do?

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Deleting your account will not delete any information from your account. Deleting your account will only remove your profile picture and renames your account to « Deleted User ». All of your messages and data will still remain on their servers.

Can you get hacked through discord?

Through a corrupted installation file Discord allows its users to modify JS files. This also means that a hacker can inject the code to the Discord client files if they somehow obtain the user’s login credentials.

Are discord server bans permanent?

Discord has « kick » and « ban ». « ban » is permanent, and this is a big problem in my opinion.

Can discord ban your account?

Why Does Discord Ban Users? Users can be banned by server administrators or by the Discord service itself for several reasons. These can include, but are not limited to: Organizing and participating in raids on servers.

Does discord show what you are doing on mobile?

Since Discord is used a lot by gamers, it can also display the game you are currently playing. Now, the Android app is testing a feature that can detect the game you’re playing on your phone. This is an experimental feature that users can enable. The feature requires usage access so it can detect your activity.

Is it against discord TOS to ask for age?

Is it against discord TOS to ask someone their age if you believe they are under 13? It is NOT against Discord ToS. However, if they don’t want to verify your age, you can either threaten a report to discord tos, and kick them if you can.

Is joining discord servers safe?

Joining any server through an instant invite is safe. Just make sure the instant invite is on the domain « discord.gg » or « discordapp.com » – obviously if you go to any other shady website, they may do shady stuff. Server admins cannot get your IP or force download stuff to your computer.

How do I stream discord smoothly?

– End unnecessary programs.
– Turn off/on hardware acceleration.
– Update your drivers.
– Clear Discord cache files.
– Change the power settings.
– Reset Discord Voice Settings.
– Update Discord.
– Reinstall Discord.

How do you delete chats on discord mobile?

– Open the Discord app and log in, if necessary.
– Find the message you want to delete.
– Long-tap the message.
– Select « Delete. » Tap « Delete. » Devon Delfino/Business Insider.
– Tap « Delete » again to confirm your decision.

How do I find a specific person on discord?

Discord Search Option The first thing you will notice when you open the Discord app and go to the home screen is the search bar. This search bar is on the top of the menu. If you type any name or the first letters of the name you are looking for, Discord will show you a list of all the users that have that name.

How do I report someone on discord?

The easiest way to report someone on Discord is to simply tell a moderator of the server that the inappropriate behavior occurred in. If you want to report something to Discord’s own Trust & Safety team, you’ll need to turn on the app’s Developer Mode.

Can joining a discord server give you a virus?

No. Just don’t click on them. Anything that you see as « embedded » from a link goes through Discord’s servers before the information grabbed for the embed is presented to you.

What is discord and how do I use it?

Discord lets friends communicate directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities can interact together. Gaming is definitely Discord’s focus, at one point the service even gave free away PC games to paid subscribers before realizing it couldn’t beat Steam.

Does the government monitor discord?

Discord is subject to oversight by the U.S. FTC.

Can you see someone’s location on discord?

No, Discord does not give others your location. Several users have complained that another user does know their location so it’s worth mentioning that while Discord doesn’t give your location, there are several ways to uncover it. It is also rumored that sending someone an image will send your location in Discord.

What happens if you use discord under 13?

Anyone under the age of 13 cannot use Discord per our Terms of Service. If a server owner is aware and ignores it, we will take action on the server and/or owner. I think that’s fair, taking into considering how much adult content is on the platform.

Can people see if you’re in a discord call?

There’s no way to tell if someone is typing in a server, DM, or group chat that you are not a part of, and there’s no way to see who is in a DM or group chat that you are not a part of.

Are discord voice calls recorded?

As far as we know, Discord calls are not recorded. Theoretically, Discord could record your calls. While encrypted, all calls go through Discord servers. Discord’s privacy policy says they may retain messages and VoIP data to help maintain services but that does not mean actual voice calls.

Does discord require a phone number?

Discord currently uses phone verification as an anti-abuse tool. If our robo-hamsters sense something strange going on, you may be asked to complete a phone verification to log back in. Private servers can also set up a phone verification requirement for extra security.

Why discord is dangerous?

But that functionality also brings dangers for younger users. Profanity and abusive language are standard on many Discord gaming servers. What’s more, many players are discussing “mature” games – think sex, violence and drugs – and these themes will often feature in conversations.

How do I find my discord tag?

In the right-click menu for any of the fields you’ve selected, you’ll see the « Copy ID » option. Click it! Once you’ve clicked « Copy ID », you’ll have the message, user, or server ID copied to your clipboard.

How do you know if someone uninstalled discord?

One key indicator of knowing whether an account has been deleted is by checking out the username. Changes to the username occur when someone goes through the process of deleting their account. It is important to mention that Discord gives users the option to disable rather than delete an account.

Why can’t I delete discord files?

If you’re blocked from removing programs, download and launch the Program Install and Uninstall tool from Microsoft. Not being able to uninstall Discord might be the result of corrupted Registry files, malware infections, and so on.

Can you bypass discord phone verification?

You can use a service like TextMe to get a free number so you can verify the account, otherwise there is no way to bypass it without verifying a number on it. Yes, it may happen from time to time that discord goes onto ask you to verify your phone number.

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